Us Over Time

We Rebrand & Focus


Updating our image and on-line presence was long overdue. We redesign our web site and build it with a mobile responsive framework. We continue to strengthen the relationships we have and focus on routine cleaning services for the residential market and small office-based businesses; and focus too on the total requirements of our valued clients such as window cleaning, spring and other periodic cleaning maintenance.

After the Highs come the Low


In 2012/13 our fears for our clients' businesses are realized. Sale, bankruptcy, consolidation and subletting of office space all ensue the economic crisis for our clients, and our long association with many of them ends. It is also at this time our hand is forced and we wind up our gardening services. We're now a fully fledged cleaning services business.

A Bump in the Road or Something More


New business is slow and there are signs our clients' businesses are struggling in the economic conditions. Our association with Whittles comes to an end.

Rapid Growth


In 2010 we have our best commercial services growth to-date working with leading Adelaide businesses, and strata and body corporate managers, Whittles.

Stately Maintenance Group 2010 Brochure

Our brochure shows us as we were in 2010.

Stately Maintenance Group


With commercial cleaning jobs starting we needed to change our operating name. On July 1, 2009 we began operating under the name Stately Maintenance Group.

Cleaning Again


We begin a long association with a not-for-profit, Life's for Living Inc., who provided accommodation support services for people with developmental disabilities. We kept their gardens maintained and then were asked to clean their homes. It was our sincereness for our client and community, and quality of service that earned us our reputation of trust & professionalism, our motto still today.

Stately Gardens


It all began with less than one thousand dollars in start-up money, a financed vehicle and a new family, when Darrel Wildman decided to go it alone. With no trade and a background in cleaning, his original idea was to start a lawn mowing business. Stately Gardens was registered in November, 2007. His value proposition was to offer cheaper lawn mowing by using the customers' own green organic bin for lawn cuttings; and taking only routine work and few once-off jobs to make the most efficient use of his time. This value proposition of delivering more cost effective solutions through routine maintenance remains strong today.